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Production Drawings & 3D CAD


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NK Labs engineers can supply all production drawings, 3D geometry files, and engineering documentation needed for your project's manufacture. Frequently, document packages include part and assembly drawings, bill of materials (BOM), assembly procedure documents, test plan, and test report documents. Depending on client needs, NK Labs can also deliver a comprehensive manufacturing plan, installation manuals, and maintenance manuals.

We can help with your project.

CAD Packages


As mechanical design consultants, we have expertise in a variety of CAD software packages. Our most frequently utilized CAD package is SolidWorks. We also work with OnShape, CATIA, Creo Parametric (Pro/E), and more!

Concept Development


Many of our projects begin with concept development, where we generate a collection of potential solutions through brainstorming sessions, technological research, and past experience. Once we have selected the most promising candidate solutions, we create CAD or physical models of them to further explore these solutions and convey them within the team.


Representative production drawing

Detail Design


When the most promising candidate solution is identified, we move forward with the detail design. During this time, we determine all of the specifics which will make the design into a physical reality. Design for Manufacturing practice is applied, part materials are chosen, and hardware is populated in the model.

Rapid Prototyping


NK Labs has several rapid prototyping resources which assist us in developing our designs and in creating product prototypes quickly. These resources include SLA 3D printing, laser cutting, machining, water jet cutting, and more.​ We also have a network of outside vendors who can supply quick-turn parts.

Production Drawings


After the detail design is completed, we lay out our designs in engineering drawings to communicate the design's requirements and specifics to the machinist or fabricator. We identify the appropriate tolerances for features, and we specify materials, finishes, and additional notes for the manufacturer. This step is critical to ensure that the parts are made appropriately and have the correct fit and finish.

Manufacturing Support


NK Labs has extensive experience in scaling projects up to full production. We can assist our clients in bringing the product to market in both low and high volumes. We also transfer the design knowledge to our clients' manufacturing team or preferred contract manufacturer, and we often work on-site at the factory to ensure the product is brought into high-volume production successfully.

Additional Information


NK Labs offers electrical, mechanical, and software engineering services and can serve as a one-stop shop for any technical project.

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