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Meet Punyo, TRI’s Soft Robot for Whole-Body Manipulation Research


February 27, 2024

At TRI, we're developing robotic capabilities that amplify, rather than replace, people. We're on a mission to help with everyday tasks that require more than just our hands and fingertips.

Our research platform, Punyo, embodies this mission.

IUNU Introduces New Greenhouse Tomato Imaging System

Greenhouse Grower

March 1, 2023

After years of research and development, IUNU unveiled its new imaging system for tomato growers at this week’s Indoor Ag Con in Las Vegas. The technology can be used by growers to collect comprehensive crop data from fruit to flower.

Nuclear Fusion: Inside the breakthrough that could change our world

60 Minutes

January 15, 2023

On December 5th, scientists at the National Ignition Facility reached a breakthrough in nuclear fusion by producing a reaction with an energy gain. It could be a step toward a world in the distant future where fusion is a source of power.

Ride-Sharing's Future? It May Sit on Electric Motorbikes

The New York Times

May 5, 2019

Several start-ups - backed by big Silicon Valley venture firms and Uber's Indian competitor, Ola - are betting that shared "two-wheelers" are better suited  to wallets and transportation needs than the cars that are the heart of the ride-hailing industry.

How Airbus Is Positioning Itself To Become First In Modular Flight

Fast Company

September 11, 2017

First class, coach, or coworking space? Here's why Airbus's customization effort is one of Fast company's 2017 Innovation By Design award-winners.

Exclusive: Inside Airbus' modular plane concept, Transpose

The Verge

July 11, 2017

Is this the thing that will make flying less terrible?

Look at the flying car Airbus is developing in San Jose

Business Journal

May 19, 2017

Airbus engineers working at a lab in San Jose say they’ve designed a flying car that they’d like to begin testing by the end of the year.  The company’s A3 (pronounced “A cubed”) division this week published a concept video of a single-seater, eight-rotor aircraft called Vahana...

Trading Spaces: Could Modular Aircraft Cabins Allow Airlines to Swap More Than Just Seats?


April 7, 2017

Modular aircraft cabin designs ensure that seats aren’t the only furnishings being swapped on board. Proponents say swappable aircraft interiors could cut reconfiguration time for airlines from several weeks to mere minutes.

Google and Levi’s Project Jacquard jacket has restored my faith in wearables

The Verge

March 12, 2017

Technology you wear on your sleeve - literally.

McDonalds Just Innovated The Hell Out Of Straws

Fast Company

February 15, 2017

Forget everything you know about frozen treats, technology, and the future itself.

Fast Company Image.jpg
Mounds of Moto Mods: We'll see at least 12 per year


December 4, 2016

Those snap-on accessories for the Moto Z phones aren't going anywhere. In fact, Lenovo Moto phones will soon see many more.

moto z.jpeg
Project Ara Lives: Google's Modular Phone Is Ready for You Now


May 20, 2016

It's been more than a year since Google showed Ara to the public, and a lot has changed. The mission hasn't: Build a smartphone out of interchangeable parts that you can swap on the fly to make your phone exactly what you want right this second. Add a wide-angle camera module for your hike. Swap it for a telephoto—and add a larger battery—for the soccer game. Replace the screen with an E Ink display for reading on a long flight.

How Formlabs went from a 3-D printer Kickstarter campaign to an 80-person company

Business Journal

November 18, 2014

The Form 1 aims to serve as the world's first high-resolution 3D printer to be offered at an affordable price level — $3,299. The printer uses stereolithography technology to achieve resolutions traditionally only available from 3D printers costing tens — or hundreds — of thousands of dollars, the company says.

Google and Levi’s Project Jacquard jacket has restored my faith in wearables

MIT Technology Review

April 7, 2014

Google believes open hardware innovation could help it find industries and markets for its software and services.

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