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Cambridge Product Design Services


NK Labs is a product development engineering firm. We provide electrical, mechanical, firmware, and software engineering consulting services. Our company offers engineering design consulting on projects such as consumer electronics, robotic systems, medical devices, aerospace, scientific instrumentation, manufacturing equipment, software, and more! Our clients range from newly-funded startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We can help with your project.


We are prepared to engage in a product at any stage in its design cycle. Some of our customers bring us an “idea-on-a-napkin” concept, and we take it from there, with frequent interaction, to design and build a working prototype. With others, we are brought in as members of a large, global team and work closely with their in-house marketing, product design, engineering, and supply chain teams to cooperatively develop and release a product. Still other clients come to us with a fully-detailed specification for a specific sub-component needed for a much larger system.



We have a large network of suppliers throughout the US and Asia who we work with to source parts and assemblies for our customers. We are also happy to work with your existing vendors and contract manufacturers. We can provide you with a complete build package with bill of materials, part drawings, CAD models, process instructions, source code, and binaries. For new product introductions, we can work on-location at the factory to get the design into volume production.

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