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Aerospace Design Engineering in Cambridge


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NK Labs has done several designs for aerospace applications, including aircraft cabin structural design, aircraft cabin electronics, avionics heatsinks and enclosures, and custom electric motors for all-electric aircraft.



  • Design and analysis of aerostructures

    • Structural mechanics

    • Heat transfer and thermodynamics

    • Bolted joint analysis

    • Kinematics and motion studies

    • Weight optimization

    • Composite structures and tooling

  • Systems for all-electric aircraft propulsion​

  • Remotely operated and autonomous vehicles

  • Avionics and avionics housings

  • Cabin electronics and mechanical design

  • Sensorsactuators, imaging

  • Wind tunnel testing

  • Design in CATIA V5 environment

  • Design to RTCA-DO-160 standards

  • Computational fluid dynamics

  • Finite Element Modeling

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Transpose aircraft cabin design

Model of the installation process for a Transpose cabin module from Airbus' A3

(courtesy of Newsweek)

transpose aircraft electrical layout

Electrical layout of Transpose module

(with permission from Airbus)

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