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Sensor & Actuator Design Services

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    • Pressure

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Sensors and actuators are devices that allow an electronic system to interact with the physical world around it. NK Labs has a great deal of experience with sensors and actuators: both off-the-shelf and custom-made. We can recommend the right sensor or actuator for your product and do the calculations and experiments to verify it will provide the required precision and accuracy for your application. If nothing suitable exists on the market, we can design it for you from scratch.

Sensor Capabilities

  • Selection of off-the-shelf microsensors to detect a wide variety of physical properties such as:

    • Acceleration

    • Gas Concentration

    • Light

    • Liquid Flow

    • Magnetic Field

    • Orientation

  • Design of custom sensors using piezoelectric films

  • Design of flexible sensors for embedding into fabric and clothing

  • Design of custom capacitive and inductive sensors

  • Electric field imaging for novel user interfaces

  • Cameras, optics, machine vision, visible and infrared imaging

  • X-ray inspection systems, fluoroscopy

  • Microscopic (nano-Newton) force and stiffness measurements

  • Spectroscopy and measurement of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation

Actuator Capabilities

  • Design of custom electric motors and generators for motion control, aircraft propulsion, servomechanisms, and medical applications

  • Design of custom electromagnets and electromagnetic actuation mechanisms, permanent magnets, electropermanent magnets

  • Design of piezoelectric actuators and ultrasonic motors

  • Design of ultra-small (millimeter-scale) electric motors and actuators

  • Design of large (>50 HP) motors for electric vehicles and aircraft

  • Design of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, including microfluidic systems


Additional Information


NK Labs offers electrical, mechanical, and software engineering services and can serve as a one-stop shop for any technical project.

We can help with your project.

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