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Electromagnetics and RF Design


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NK Labs has extensive experience in electromagnetics. We have designed a wide range of RF systems, including RF test equipment, systems for wireless power transmission through free space, communications gear, medical devices, and consumer electronics.


  • Antenna design

  • Full-wave electromagnetic field simulation

  • S-parameter models of microstrip components

  • PCB stack-up design; matching of high-speed digital traces

  • RF circuit design

  • Design of microstrip splitters, combiners, directional couplers

  • Design of RF amplifiers, filters, modulators

  • High-frequency data converters

  • Software radio

  • PHYs for high-speed networking and SERDES

  • Characterization and debugging of RF systems in the lab

  • RF circuits for consumer electronics

  • Ultra-wideband antennas

  • RF modeling of biological tissue

  • Magnetic circuit analysis, magnetostatics, motor design

  • Electrostatics, design of capacitive sensors

  • Electromagnetic compatibility, compliance with FCC and CE

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NK Labs offers electrical, mechanical, and software engineering services and can serve as a one-stop shop for any technical project.

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Hover over this image to view the dynamic far-field radiation pattern for this ultra-wideband spiral antenna

NK Labs COMSOL Magnetic Analysis

COMSOL analysis of the magnetic field surrounding a custom inductor

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