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Design for Manufacturing

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NK Labs engineers integrate Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) practices into all stages of the development process. These aspects of our clients' projects are considered during the concept development, detail design, and transfer to manufacturing phases.

We can successfully lower our clients' production costs without compromising product quality. We apply our expert knowledge of manufacturing processes and utilize top suppliers which have performed well on past projects. Below are some of the most commonly utilized DFMA techniques.

  • Minimize part count, where appropriate

  • Ease of handling and insertion of parts

  • Design self-locating stacked components

  • Specify standard, high-volume manufactured parts, where appropriate

  • Emphasize modular assembly with a minimum number of discrete fasteners

  • Create part features which allow automated handling

Injection Molded Part.jpg

Injection-molded plastic part from high-volume manufactured IoT device.

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