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Katy Kem

Senior Electrical Engineer


Katy Kem is a Senior Electrical Engineer at NK Labs. She is a jack-of-all-trades electrical engineer, with experience at all stages of the product development pipeline.  

Prior to NK Labs, she worked for the startup, Lumafield, where she designed the electrical system for their Neptune CT Scanner. She worked on the Neptune scanner from the Alpha prototype through the beginning of mass production. As one of the only EEs at a growing startup, she wore a lot of hats, including system architecture definition, firmware development, PCB Design, peripheral selection, assembly, debugging, EMI testing, and more. Before that, she worked at the IoT smart home device company, Vivint Smarthome, where she worked on early product development, the doorbell camera, and IoT radio testing and selection. 

Katy received her Bachelor's from MIT in Electrical Engineering in 2016, and her Masters from MIT in Electrical Engineering in 2017, where she did a course concentration in circuit design and a thesis in signal processing. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, playing with her dog, and knitting/crocheting.

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