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Ira Spool

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Biomedical Products Lead

Ira Spool is a senior mechanical engineer at NK Labs. He has extensive experience in mechanical design and specializes in the design and development of novel devices which meet the needs of clients and their customers.

He is skilled at successfully leading electro-mechanical product development efforts from inception to product launch. This includes fast-turn prototyping for engineering proof-of-concept, verification testing of product performance, design for manufacturing, and product launch. Ira has over 15 years experience with consumer, industrial, and medical products. Projects have included surgical instruments, active implantable medical devices, diagnostic sensor arrays, drug delivery devices, microfluidic devices, smartphones, consumer electronics, and wearables. In earlier positions, Ira has consulted for Harvard Medical School, Boston Scientific, Genzyme, Medtronic, Herman Miller, Google, HTC, OXO, and Cuisinart.


Ira has contributed to the launch of many new products which are successful in the marketplace. He holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

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