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Demetrious Mark Harrington

Senior Electrical Engineer

Demetrious is a senior electrical engineer at NK Labs by title, but focuses on whatever needs to get done to make a project successful. Trained in physics, he is a jack-of-all trades, and enjoys working on projects that initially contain a lot of ambiguity or are likely to require development of new technologies. His specialties include test and measurement, automation, usability, and design.

At NK Labs, he has worked on developing haptic interfaces, physics instrumentation, and aircraft systems. Previously, at E Ink Corporation, he was a leader in invention disclosures, which have since turned into a number of patents. His past projects are varied and include lab grade optical tweezers, quick donning hazmat suits for EMTs, driving signals for E-book displays, firmware for prototype grid battery systems and furniture design for various non-profits.


He holds a Sc.M. in Engineering,  Sc.B. in Math-Physics, and an A.B. in Music from Brown University. He has completed additional coursework at North Bennet Street School, MassArt, and RISD. In his spare time he likes to build/restore furniture and he is the process of building a tiny house. One of his favorite things is a well-written datasheet or manual.

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