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Signal & Image Processing


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NK Labs has developed a number of signal and image processing solutions and has implemented them in general-purpose microcontrollers, in specialized DSP processors, and in FPGAs.



  • Array processing; sonar and radar signal processing

  • Video and audio compression

  • Filters and correlators

  • PID control

  • Model-based control

  • System identification

  • Sampling theory: design of A/D and D/A sampling and reconstruction filters

  • Fixed point math

  • FFT convolution

  • Software radio: demodulation and equalization

  • FIR and IIR filters, windowing, filter design

  • Detection and estimation theory, receiver operating curve

  • Adaptive filters (Weiner filter, Kalman filter)

  • Sensor fusion

  • Image processing and enhancement, feature extraction

  • Removal of lens and sensor artifacts from camera images

  • Processing of X-ray images

  • DSP code, including SMID instructions, circular buffers, zero-overhead looping

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