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At NK Labs, we have done a number of projects to develop software to simulate physical systems, analyze large data sets, and to automate laboratory processes.



  • MATLAB, Python, C++

  • Interfacing C code and external libraries to MATLAB via MEX files

  • Parallel computing using AWS

  • Native calls to LINPACK, LAPACK, BLAS

  • Sparse matrix libraries including SuiteSparse

  • Radiation physics using GEANT4 from CERN

  • SUNDIALs libraries

  • Benchmarking and profiling code

  • Linear and nonlinear programming

  • Linear algebra

  • Stochastic optimization methods

  • Numerical methods

  • Simulation of physical systems using ODE and PDE models

  • Monte Carlo simulation

  • Computational geometry

  • Inverse kinematics and robotics

  • Writing symbolic math engines

  • Interfacing to scientific instruments

  • Plotting and data visualization

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NK Labs offers electrical, mechanical, and software engineering services and can serve as a one-stop shop for any technical project.

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