Yvan Pearson

Embedded Firmware and Medical Device Engineer

Yvan Pearson is an embedded firmware and medical device engineer at NK Labs. His primary expertise is in firmware development for microcontrollers, Python development for Linux devices and Android application development.

At NK Labs, Yvan has developed medical diagnostic devices, battery-operated sensor systems, and wearable fitness trackers.  Yvan started his career as an electrical engineer for Cambridge Consultants, and his main focus was designing electrical systems for medical devices, including an experimental drug delivery devices and a medical diagnostic devices for plasma glucose concentration measurements in diabetic patients. Yvan worked at Iyenix, a medical device start-up, as an embedded software engineer. He was a significant contributor to the design and development of the Python stack and the firmware stack that operated the Medical Infusion Pump.

Yvan Pearson has a B.Sc in Computer Engineering and a MEng in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Canada.