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Patrick McDaniel

Senior Electrical Engineer


Patrick McDaniel is a senior electrical engineer at NK Labs, specializing in scientific instrumentation, sensing and imaging systems, embedded electronics, and numerical simulation. He has designed products and instruments for clients in the fields of semiconductors, automotives, wearables, cryogenics, and biotech. He developed the muon and electron detectors for the MuCF particle physics experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), leading the Geant4 simulation, PCB and scintillator design, and beamline integration of these instruments.

He previously studied portable and low-cost MRI scanners for human brain imaging in the MR Physics and Instrumentation Group at Mass General Hospital. These systems incorporated numerically-optimized permanent magnet, electromagnet, RF antenna, and RF electronics designs to realize high-performance brain imaging capabilities in a compact form factor. Additionally, he developed data acquisition, reconstruction, and inference techniques for in vivo imaging of brain oxygenation and fetal motion, in collaboration with colleagues at the MIT MRI Group and at Boston Children's Hospital. He holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

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