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Patricia Holden

Senior Software Engineer

Patricia Holden is a senior software engineer at NK Labs. Pat has over 30 years in the IT world and has a broad background in embedded software development, ranging from boot loading, device drivers, network protocol, to application layer software.

At NK Labs, she developed the firmware and Linux kernel drivers for products utilizing wireless communications, network interfaces, and machine vision. Prior to joining NK Labs, Pat worked for EMC Corporation as well as various networking startup companies in the Boston area. Most of her work has been in the middleware area developing device drivers, user interface software, protocol development and support. Her OS experience includes Linux, RTEMS, various proprietary operating systems, and FreeRTOS. At Phoenix Technologies, Pat was a major contributor to the early development of Phoenix BIOS which is to this day still used in most PCs.

Pat holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, with a concentration in data communications, from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She enjoys working on home improvement projects, gardening, cooking, knitting, swimming, and travel.

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