Olivia Hagedorn

Electrical Engineering Co-op

Olivia Hagedorn is an electrical engineering co-op at NK Labs. She is specializing in digital and analog circuit design, as well as PCB layout and assembly.

Olivia has worked on many products in many different applications of electrical engineering, including consumer products, biomedical R&D, and military operations. At NK, she has fully developed a breakout board and was the lead experimenter for a revolutionary biomedical technology. Her time at QinetiQ NA had her in the field testing the robots whose electrical wiring and PCBs she had repaired. She also advanced many projects by applying her soldering skills from her time there.

Olivia, who also goes by "Lulu", is a 4th year student at Northeastern University working towards her Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Spanish. Outside of NK, she enjoys playing board games, learning spoken languages, reading science fiction, biking around Boston, traveling the world, and learning new skills, such as miniature figurine painting and boulder climbing.