Nathaniel MacFadden

Research Engineer

Nate MacFadden is a research engineer at NK Labs. His expertise includes scientific computing, applied physics, instrumentation, and electromechanical system design. Nate is proficient in MATLAB, C++, Python, Linux, Mathematica, and Solidworks.
At NK Labs, Nate has completed a number of scientific computing projects, including a GEANT4 package extension to efficiently simulate subatomic particle transport in dusty plasmas and electromagnetic design optimization of an ion cyclotron resonance system.  He has conducted research to develop a novel, high-performance switched reluctance traction system for electric vehicles and developed a production test system for Google Project Ara.

At Reed College, Nate has studied how to make sense of a class of calculations in particle physics (called “Sudakov safe”) which are divergent under current mathematical methods. As an NSF REU student, he studied and simulated the physics of dark matter at UC Davis and developed a GEANT4-based radiation-shielding simulation framework for the CBETA particle accelerator at Cornell. Nate has also assisted in building the scintillating fiber muon position detectors for the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab. At Reed College, Nate’s senior thesis, “Exact Solutions of Spin Chains,” studied the integrability of a class of exactly-solvable quantum-mechanical systems.

Nate is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and received a Goldwater Honorable Mention for Excellence in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering. Nate holds a BA in Mathematics and Physics from Reed College.