Michael Morganto

Electrical Engineer


Michael Morganto is an electrical engineer at NK Labs. He has experience in both analog and digital circuit design as well as PCB layout. He also has experience writing firmware for the boards he has designed.

At NK Labs, Michael has worked on a wide variety of projects from laying out flexible printed circuits to wiring industrial robots. Mainly, he has worked on consumer electronics for several companies, including Google ATAP. He has experience designing circuits for extremely low power devices as well as high power AC converters. Additionally, Michael is adept with a soldering iron. He has experience reworking 01005 components as well as populating circuit boards by hand. Always a huge fan of prototyping, he enjoys working with his hands whenever he gets the chance. Before NK, Michael worked at both Basis, an Intel company in San Francisco, as well as Draper Labs in Cambridge, MA. At Basis, he worked on wearable fitness trackers. At Draper, he worked on the electronics to test MEMS magnetic field sensors.

Outside of work, you can find Michael rock climbing or biking around the Boston area. He also loves to travel and will jump at any opportunity to go somewhere new. He is a Northeastern University graduate with his Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering.