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NK Labs provides expert automation consulting and machine design services to our clients. As mechanical design consultants, our team has designed and assembled automated machines, robotic systems, and scientific instrumentation for a variety of applications and industries.


Per the client, we can pick up a project at any point from conceptual brainstorming, preliminary designs, to full-scale prototypes, and we can also assist with final manufacturing solutions. NK Labs can accommodate projects from small, commercial-off-the-shelf designs to fully custom machine engineering, and we can address all aspects of robotics engineering with our skilled electrical, software, and machine design consultants.

We have designed/built:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  • X-ray inspection equipment

  • Robotic end effectors, grippers, and manipulators

  • Power tools

  • Photometric imaging systems

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

  • Machining equipment

  • High-precision and high-force motion stages

  • Biotech lab equipment

  • Laser tweezers

  • Vacuum systems

  • Motor test stands

  • 3D printers

  • Temperature and humidity control

  • Optical design

A machine design project begins with understanding the customer's goals and requirements. We can work with you to determine a suitable technology approach, design the machine in your preferred CAD software, and build a working prototype. Once the machine is proven for your application, we can follow up with short-run production to supply you with additional machines as needed, to outfit your factory or lab.   

Machines designed by NK Labs are in daily use in factories, laboratories, and offices throughout the world.

Additional Services


Alongside designing the product, we also offer thorough model analysis (structural, thermal, CFD, etc.) as appropriate for the project. Our team is also highly skilled at enclosure design and housings for internal mechanisms and electronics.


Beyond mechanical engineering, we excel at electronic development: from circuit design, to FPGA programming, to all of your software needs.

We can help with your project.

CAD model of a production test stand

for an aircraft electric motor.