JT Hinchen

Mechanical Engineer


JT Hinchen is a mechanical engineer at NK Labs. His background is in robotic systems and early-stage product design and prototyping.

JT has formerly worked at 6 River Systems, where he worked on a variety of projects, including automated test fixtures for sensors, design of production robot parts, and concept model prototyping. He also led proof-of-concept modelling in positions at Flex Innovation Labs and the animatronics team at Hasbro.

At Northeastern University, JT earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering while also growing his skillset outside of the classroom on a variety of odd projects. He worked as a research assistant on an alternative gear transmission system, as a build engineer at a student-run product development organization, and an engineering assistant on interactive media projects. He and his team won "Most Technically Complete" on their senior Capstone project, a mechatronic imaging system for breast cancer detection. JT also ran for Northeastern Club cross country, competing in three national championships and running three marathons, and hosted a show on Boston's WRBB Radio for four years.