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Technical Project Manager - New Product Development


NK Labs is a product design engineering firm in Cambridge, MA. We bring our clients’ ideas to life and solve their toughest technical challenges. We design products and build prototypes for some of the best-known technology companies and the most innovative startups. We have designed consumer electronic devices, solar energy equipment, medical devices, manufacturing equipment, scientific instruments, and aerospace components.

Job Description

We are looking for a technical project manager to manage a portfolio of new product development projects. When new customers contact our firm, you will help determine their requirements, determine a suitable project scope, and work with our engineering team to write a winning technical proposal. Once the project starts, you will meet with the customer regularly, track the schedule and budget, and support the engineering team to help them deliver a quality product.
Key Responsibilities


  • Engage with potential new customers

  • Work with engineers to determine features, milestones, budgets, and schedules

  • Write compelling technical proposals

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Prepare Gantt charts, sprint plans, and budget spreadsheets

  • Track and update the schedule and budget of projects

  • Prepare technical progress reports for customers and management

  • Identify and respond to change requests

  • Help the team recognize and solve problems

  • Coordinate with key suppliers

  • Keep focused on the big picture

  • Support the engineering team so they can deliver excellent results for the customer


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Excellent technical writing skills

  • Strong work ethic and organizational skills

  • Interest and enthusiasm for science and/or technology; ability to quickly familiarize yourself on diverse technical topics



NK Labs is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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